Why we love what we do

At Bright Financial Services, we have the best job in the world. We help people keep more of what they earn and earn more on what they keep. We help people from all walks of life rest easier at night knowing that their finances are in good order and their future is secure. We build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients and we take great pride in helping them succeed.

Our uncommon approach

Before we talk about the various financial products you could choose from, we need to know what’s most important to you. What would you like to see for yourself, for your family? What are your preferences, your commitments, your goals? From our first meeting, we’ll talk about these things in a way that helps you gain financial insights and understand some of your best options. Often, we can create financial opportunities for you that you never knew you had.

For instance, we can help you:

  • Minimize unforeseen losses from taxes, fees, or market risks
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce opportunity cost
  • Increase your financial efficiency
  • Achieve uninterrupted compounding
  • Increase the predictability of your personal financial outcomes
  • Understand the difference between bigger returns vs. bigger income

We give you an unobstructed view of the big picture

What you’ll learn quickly from us is that there’s more to the picture than just what you’re saving or what rate of return might get. What we nearly always find is that there are bigger issues you should be looking at. While these principles ought to be in plain view for all to see, they from obscured by incorrect guidance from the media, from financial institutions and even from our culture.

We look at every aspect of your financial picture – your income sources, your savings types, how you finance cars and houses, how you pay for college or other major purchases and, most importantly, the damaging effects of taxes you might pay.

Get to know our founder and lead advisor

Get to know our founder and lead advisor

Bright Financial Services founder Roy Sargent has helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses to conserve capital, increase their income and improve their lifestyle, regardless of life’s twists and turns. His clients do not lose money.

Having grown up in a small dryland farming community in South Dakota, Roy learned at a young age how outside factors like weather, markets and government programs can create risks to everyday or even lifetime goals. This is why Roy’s father encouraged Roy to choose something besides farming. It’s also why he is so focused on reducing or eliminating risk while increasing the ability to grow wealth.